The work manifests an attempt to clear the reality from false meanings and to return oneself to the starting point within. Ice covering the anthropomorphic ceramic sculpture symbolises the outer burden. As it melts gradually, it releases the object in its true form.

The two-level nature of the work highlights the duality of attitude towards women in the era of consumption - there is a gap between expectations of the modern world and her earthly, bodily nature, her blood and milk. The connection with the earth is deliberately lost and destroyed as a dangerous sorcery.
I will never leave you

Ceramics, ice, colourant


Inspiration for this work was winter as a nature's manifestation of piercing slowness.
External calm, which does not ask of anything and does not expect anything back. A quiet space in the present.

Nothing is struggling with deceleration, all the living obeys to it. Everything continues to live and breathe. But very slowly.
Because of this shrillness, I want to be honest to myself and just observe in the present moment - nature’s state, my state.

Present Conscious/
Conscious Present

Ceramic objects
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