I am a contemporary artist based in London, UK.

In my art practice I turn to the categories of Time, Reality and Self-identification.
Endless inner doubt in an attempt to determine one's belonging in the Outer world.

I prefer quiet notes to loud statements, attempting to extract the undertones of the world to highlight the inner fragility.

The matters of Bodily and Corporeal are being explored as part of self-knowledge -
how we physically manifest ourselves into the Reality and our subjective imprint to the Outside.
Without analytical dissection I try to capture a feeling, a sensation left in us from an Event.

I am working with mixed media - acrylic on canvas, plexiglass, kids toys or more natural materials like clay, water and ice.

Born 1990, Saint Petersburg, Russia.


2020 - 2022 - British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, Moscow School of Contemporary Art (MSCA)
2019 - British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, Pre-Foundation
2007 - 2012 - Saint Petersburg State University, Faculty of Economics


2021 - "In the Search of Light", U Contemporary Gallery, Winzavod, Moscow

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